The White Stripes- Jolene

So I might have a certain indiscretion about discussing Jack White.  He is perfection in every single and molecular way .

“Jolene” is the original song of Dolly Parton, who really laid her heart out with this song, which is  remarkable in itself. She released this song in in 1974, which  Bob Ferguson produced. The  song was ranked # 219 On Rolling Stone’s top 500 songs of all time.

Parton, got the idea for this song from a red headed bank teller kept flirting with her Parton’s new husband. After finding out the woman’s name, she told her that this was a pretty name and that she would write a song about it.

I chose to post the white stripes version because many seem to agree that,  Jack White of The White Stripes, does a better job at getting into this songs dark roots. Parton is renown for her happy attitude in her country- pop songs that bring about a happy go lucky vibe which isn’t exactly the feeling you should get from the story portrayed in this song.

After all, this song is about a cry of desperation, in which a woman begs a beautiful seductress  not to take her husband away. She speaks of Jolene’s beauty and ability to take him with ease but asks her not to do this. She says, “You could have your choice of men, But I could never love again, Hes the only one for me, jolene“.

Jacks rendition, where he becomes filled with emotion and displays his passion for the music in his veins is what makes me love the song and him even more. It inspires me to want to keep singing and playing, just to feel this something that I was meant to do.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “Weird and passionate, with burning eyes and an old man’s sensibilities, Jack White spent the 2000s going from promising garage-rocker to international rock star. He was one of the most important guitarists of the decade — on the strength of his forcefulness and ingenuity rather than virtuosity — as well as a great conceptualizer and a top-flight songwriter who could draw on a seemingly bottomless bag of riffs and melodies.”