Led Zeppelin- Tangerine

It is music like this that seems to touch my soul in every single and molecular way.
Its graceful sentiment on reminiscing old times is executed perfectly, which only a band like Led Zeppelin can master.
This was one of the last songs Jimmy Page, guitarist for the band, got to write without any input from lead singer, Robert Plant.

Plant introduced this song at a concert by saying, “This song is for our families and friends and people we’ve been close to. It’s a song of love at its most innocent stages.”

This song portrays the feelings we all experience at times, thinking about the past. It leaves us in a state of peaceful serenity, thinking about how blessed we are to have the happy memories. However; the song also strongly imposes feelings of melancholy, which leave us wondering if both sides will always remember the good old times.

* Side Note: (Led Zeppelin is probably the greatest band ever)


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