Dramarama- Anything, Anything

Dramarama is a Los Angeles based alternative rock band, that started in New jersey in 1982. They’re known for their hit, “Anything, Anything” which became a number-one hit on the popular Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM. This song was featured in the movie, “Nightmare on elm street 4: The Dream Master”, which sort of threw it into the public eye. To this day, youngsters still seem to call in and request this song on KROQ-FM.

Unfortunately, this band is severely underrated in my opinion. They have some of the best music I’ve heard compiled in their album collection, “The Best of Dramarama: The 18 Big Ones”. Songs such as, “Haven’t Got a Clue, 7 Minutes (More or Less), & Incredible”,which are all such unbelievable songs, but almost completely unheard of in the music world. It saddens me that it is this way, but I feel a great deal of joy, in the ability to honor them in this post.

Also, you can check out the video below. This is a cover of the song from one of my favorite female rockers that inspired me to do what i do. She executed this song perfectly…