My name is Alexis and music  pretty much means everything to me. Today i am a college student and a legal clerk. A little while  ago I was also a musician who got to perform. It was truly the best time of my life.  I’m also one of the biggest music fans you will ever meet.

I believe that the true beauty and depth  we find in every-day music is real. Music is a portal to  anything and everything worth any depth in this world. It can be the blossom of love, it can connect you with important matters in the world, it can bring about awesome time with others who play music, and even save others in difficult times. Most importantly, it inspires people to do great  things. Its power is truly infinite.

Every week I will post a few songs and discuss their meanings & influence. Please feel free to like my page and or leave comments!!

* Please note, that I indeed try to bring in real/true facts about these songs.  But please do not forget that I also weave in my own  assumptions as well that might be wrong to some degree or might just blatantly disagree with your opinions and or popular beliefs.

ALSO: This blog will not always be politically and  grammatically correct!…. (These are just MY beliefs, thoughts and opinions, thanks)

Enjoy!! (I’ve heard i have excellent taste)



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